Hi All,

As promised in the last post, here are 5 tips 4 comment marketing (refers to the 1st category in the previous post).
Comment Marketing refers to the act of commenting on other blog posts in order to increase traffic to your blog. This can happen in various ways: By commenting consistently you improve the awareness to your blog by the author of the blog you comment on and his audience, you gain direct traffic back to your posts and you improve your blog’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
The most important things that you should always keep in mind when you comment are three: Be relevant, specific and interesting. With this in mind, here are my 5 tips for comment marketing:

1. Read the last 5 posts made by the author. It will give you a great sense of the author – his perspective, interest and so on. It will help you create a more positive, impactful impression with your comment.
2. Read 3 posts worth of comments – Just as the previous tip, you will gain understanding of the community. If you won’t do it, you might write a comment which appears out of place. You will than lose the potential traffic to your blog. You want to stick out from the crowd, but not because you’re an inexperienced contributor.
3. Write more than a Tweet but less than a blog post – The exact amount is up to you, but the optimal range is between 140 chars (A Tweet) and 2-3 paragraphs. It is enough to make your point (And leave a link) but is also easy to consume.
4. NEVER drop a pure reference link – These kind of comments are usually getting rejected. If you’re going to leave a link, it better be highly relevant to the post, interesting to the audience and as non-promotional as possible (or, if it is highly promotional, prefaced transparently as such)
5. It’s OK to promote your comment (and their post) socially – Bloggers love getting their work tweeted/shared, so if you tweet/FB share a reference to your comment on their post, particularly if you call them out by name, it can have a very positive effect.

What would you like me 2 write about next?