How to catapult your blog’s traffic?

Hi All!

In this 1st post of mine, I’m going to share some conventional ways to increase traffic to your blog, which are so basic and effective, that if you get used to implement them, your blog will never stop getting bigger (I myself didn’t have the time to implement all of them in this blog yet, but it will happen soon enough, I hope ). In my next posts, I’m going to explore each and every one of them deeply, in order to help you become the great blogger that you can easily be.

So, here are my tips for creating a monster blog:

1. Give – In order to increase traffic to your blog, you have to become ‘visible’ to others. Meaning – read other blog posts, like, comment (An article explaining how to comment ‘correctly’ is soon to come) and share. Bloggers are usually very friendly and nice and will give you back by reading your posts, ‘like’ them, leave their comments and share you posts.

2. Headlines – The first thing a blogger sees when he enters your blog is the headline of the uppermost post. So, if the headline goes something like: “bla bla bla… boaring” he will immidiately leave your page. Instead, if the headline goes something: “The one legged golf player who won the world championship” is a killer headline (In case you are writing a golf blog of course ). In addition, when you ‘like’ or comment on other blog posts, an email is sent to the owner of this blog. This email addresses him to your blog by saying – “You should go see what they’re (You) up to. Great posts by (You): Headline1, headline2, headline3… So, if your headlines are interesting he will immediately come back to your page.

3. Now that one might be surprising – WRITE SOMETHING INTERESTING. Give your reader some value. Make him want to share your post, make him want to come back to your page, make him want to be your follower. If you don’t have anything with real value to write – just don’t.

4. Make them comment – You want to have an active discussion on each and every one of your blog posts. How do you make them leave a comment? Easily, you just finish your post with a relevant question, just like I do in the end of this post. Than, make sure to answer each comment with another question, to raise a discussion.

5. Design, design, design. Well, this blog is not a good example (yet), but this one is – I know I know, you are not a graphic designer. Yet, just by deciding to create a better looking blog, you can take some minor steps that will make a great difference. Here is a link for an article regarding easy steps to improve blog’s design.

So, what would you like me to talk about next, regarding ANYTHING in the blogging world? LOVE