How to write a headline that stops your audience cold?

Hi All,

So in the last post we’ve discussed comment marketing and participating in other people’s blogs. In WordPress, as in most of the  other blog platforms, when you “like” someone else’s post, he immediately receives an email informing him about your “like”. In this email, he will also get notifications about your 3 latest posts, linked by their headlines. So, if your headlines goes something like: “blah blah blah, I’m an attractive headline”, you will gain traffic. But if it goes something like – “Blah Blah Blah, I’m a boring and also not such a clear headline, and no one who reads me understands what I want to say”, than you lose traffic. This is very simple.

In this post, as you’ve probably already understood I’m going to discuss the principals of writing a good headline (Wasn’t that already very clear by reading the headline?). Look, your headline must do 2 jobs, and it must do them quickly:

(1) Catch the full attention of your intended audience, and
(2) Bring them into your post.

So, how do you do that? That’s easy: you use trigger words, aimed at your target audience.

Who is the target audience for your blog? artists, just like you? woman, 60-70 years old from LA? Maybe 14 yo girls admiring the current most stylish boys band? Maybe anyone who loves 19th century literature? Everything can work, besides one thing – “Everyone are my target audience”. This doesn’t work.

Now, after you’ve understood who is your target audience (In the blogging world, target audience is post specific, meaning that they can change from one post to another), you have to use the trigger words that will catch their attention in your headline. What are trigger words? Any word that is clear, specific, and talks to these people. Here are some examples for GOOD headlines that use trigger words and are aimed at a specific target audience: (Make yourself an exercise and try to understand who is the audience and what are the trigger words)

“New cancer cure discovered by french scientist!”
“Can you use another $1000 a month, without having to work for it?”
“Read this before you sell your car!”
“A short message for single people only
“Attention, butterfly collectors”
“Do you have Athlete’s foot… or something worse?”

Want to consult me about some of your headlines? You can just write them as a comment!


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